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The following procedures will apply to court users in Tennant Creek.

Arrest and Charge

  1. If bailed or issued a notice to appear, all new matters are to  be to  a date when court is calendared to be sitting after 1 June 2020, unless urgent reasons to have the matter mentioned earlier .
  2. If bail is refused by police, the on-call Judge or Chambers Judge (in working hours) to be contacted.
  3. If bail is refused by the on call Judge the defendant is to r em ai n in Tennant Creek in the Watchhouse until after the first appearance in Court the next day. First appearance will be by telephone to Alice Springs Court House.
  4. If bail is refused after first  appearance in Court, the defendant can be transferred to Alice Springs prison.
  5. The above procedure for people in custody is to apply whether it is a week when Court is listed for Tennant Creek or not.
  6. Defendants are not to be taken in custody to the Court House building for these appearances in non-Court weeks.

Contested in custody matters

Contested matters currently listed in Tennant Creek court may proceed by AVL if possible on the date listed. Counsel should liaise with each other and the Court to make arrangements for appearances of witnesses. Defendants will appear via AVL from Alice Springs Correctional Centre.

Contested non-custody matters

All hearing dates until 1 June 2020 for contested hearings where the defendant is not in custody are vacated and have been adjourned to a case management callover on 23 June 2020. Other matters should not be adjourned to this day to avoid lengthy lists.

Listed Court week sittings

These will be conducted from Alice Springs by video and telephone until at least 1 June. As per the notice to practitioners.

  • Lawyers may appear via video or telephone without seeking leave.
  • If a defendant is represented and the matter is not being finalised, they are excused from attending in per son.
  • Counsel are encouraged to notify the court if adjournments are agreed, and adjournment orders can be made in Chambers.

Scheduling in IJIS

Tennant Creek sittings days should be listed in IJIS in Tennant Creek, even though the Judge may be in Alice Springs

Tennant Creek matters heard on days not calendared as sitting days (heard by telephone to Alice Springs) should be listed in IJIS in Alice Springs, even though the defendant may be in custody in Tennant Creek.