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Under the Local Court Act certain people or parties are eligible to access case files, transcripts, audio, or exhibits relating to court proceedings.



Access Requests

Access will only be granted to exhibits and/or documents when the Court specifically grants access pursuant to either Supreme Court Practice Direction No 2 of 2010, Local Court Practice Direction No 3 of 2011 and/ or in accordance with section 29 of the Local Court Act (as applies to the relevant request). 

Once access has been granted by the Court, exhibits can be viewed and/or copied  but cannot be taken from the court. If vision footage (e.g. CCTV) is requested, it will be provided in the same format as provided to the Court, though the requesting party will need to supply a compatible storage device to the Court (such as a USB) at their own cost for provision of the footage. 

The Director (Registrar) within the appropriate jurisdiction will arrange any viewing and/or copying depending on resource availability and the time it takes to comply with the approval process.


Local Court transcript can be prepared upon request at the rate of $17.00 per page.

Transcript may take 10 working days to prepare and delays may be experienced due to the volume of requests at a given time.

Practice Direction 23 of 2012 issued on 28 August 2012 concerns application for transcript in the Local Court. The Practice Direction mentions 2 forms; these forms have been merged into 1 form.

Completed forms can be emailed to NTLC.Transcripts [at] nt.gov.au   


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