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Important information for people attending Darwin Local Court in coming weeks
Upgrades to the Darwin Local Court will mean people attending the court will need to enter via a side entrance for several weeks and allow extra time to access the building.

In March 2019, the Northern Territory Local Court will open the doors to a new pilot providing holistic solutions for Northern Territory families. The Family Law Pilot is a joint initiative between the Northern Territory and the Commonwealth governments that aims to make it simpler for parents, Territory Families and interested parties to navigate what may otherwise be a complex family law system.

The Northern Territory Local Courts have launched a new website. The aim of the new website is for the Court to continue to be more accessible and understandable for all court users and provide effective support to enable delivery of justice to the community by the courts of the Territory.

The Alice Springs Local Court is well underway with a multimillion dollar refurbishment. The Local Court building was built in 1980. The building’s structure and design have changed very little since that time. However changes in function and technology have meant the requirements of the building have now changed.

New laws have been introduced in each state and territory to improve the protection of domestic and family violence victims. From 25 November 2017 domestic violence orders (DVOs) issued in one state or territory will apply and be enforceable in all states and territories in Australia.