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The majority of courtrooms are open to the public and links to the daily court lists can be found on this website.



Media accreditation

Taking film footage or photographs within the court building is strictly prohibited.

Accredited members of the media have permission to use hand-held audio recorders in court and some other electronics.

If you are a member of the media and are seeking accreditation you will need read the Media Practices and Polices guide, fill out the final page and email it to CourtMedia.Enquiries [at] nt.gov.au.

Journalists need not have accreditation to cover court hearings, but without accreditation they will not be allowed to use recorders, phones and other devices. Journalists covering a one-off hearing who need accreditation at short notice can apply for a temporary pass from Registry offices.

Applying for documents and audio records

Media can request access to exhibits which have been tendered to the court. To apply request access to court files.

Requests to listen to audio records of court proceedings are sometimes granted. To apply request access to audio.