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Practice directions are procedural guidelines provided by the Chief Judge of the Local Court, to assist in the case management and function of the Court. Practice Directions are to complement and expand on existing legislation, rules and regulations, they do not replace them.

Effective 30 September 2019, the Chief Judge of the Local Court has issued a comprehensive and consolidated set of Practice Directions together with an appendix containing the forms prescribed by the consolidated Practice Directions.  These Practice Directions together with the appendix are available for download below. 

Local Court Practice Directions

Appendix to the Local Court Practice Directions (Prescribed Forms)

With the publication of these consolidated Practice Directions and the appendix to the consolidated Practice Directions, all former Directions are revoked.



PD 1       Access to Case Files and Exhibits

PD 2       Audio and Video Evidence

PD 3       Return of Exhibits

PD 4       Restriction on Publication of Childrens’ Names

PD 5       Evidence by Video Conferencing Facilities

PD 6       Relisting Matters before the Local Court 



PD 7       Access to Reports            

PD 8       Applications for Breaches, Reviews or Variations of Court Orders 

PD 9       Callover Procedure in Darwin

PD 10     Applications Offender Reporting And Registration Act 2004

PD 11     Persons in the Custody of the Court and Surrender Warrants

PD 12     Prisoners at Risk of Harm

PD 13     Procedures During and Following Preliminary Examination (Committal)

PD 14     Transmission of Summary Offence

PD 15     Custody Audio Visual Link Mentions

PD 16     Directions Hearings



PD 17     Listings and Adjournments

PD 18     Section 102aa – Application for Driving Licence

PD 19     Case Flow Management

PD 20     Appearances and Ceasing to Act 

PD 21     Criminal Property Forfeiture Act 

PD 22     Proceeds of Crime Act

PD 23     Powers of Judicial Registrar



PD 24     Family Responsibility Orders        

PD 25     Referrals for Pre-Sentence Conferences

PD 26     Youth Justice Proceedings

PD 27     Applications for Reconsideration and Review

PD 28     Care and Protection of Children

PD 29     Family Law Pilot



PD 30     Domestic Violence

PD 31     Treatment Orders

PD 32     Adoption of Children

PD 33     Mental Health Diversion List

PD 34     Katherine Sitting Times

PD 35     De Facto Relationships

PD 36     Application for Disease Test Order

PD 37     Personal Violence Restraining Orders