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Welcome to the new Local Court NT website!

The Northern Territory Local Courts have launched a new website. The aim of the new website is for the Court to continue to be more accessible and understandable for all court users and provide effective support to enable delivery of justice to the community by the courts of the Territory.

There may be adjustments needed as we transition to the new website. We ask for your patience and understanding during this process. 

What you will find on our new website

Information about:

  • facilities and processes for court proceedings throughout the Territory;
  • contact information for Registry Services;
  • court calendars and listings of matters before the court;
  • assistance to parties with practical and procedural advice; and
  • judgments and media enquires.

What you will not find on our new website

  • Legal advice/opinions.
  • Recommendation for particular persons as representatives or advocates.

Our new website also features a search tool. There is a magnifying glass logo in the top right hand corner of every page, so at any stage you can click this logo and type a keyword into this field to get navigation assistance and search results on which page your query may be answered.