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10 February 2023

Adjournments by Consent in the Preliminary Examination Mention Lists

Please be advised that the Local Court will now be facilitating Chambers Orders for adjournments by consent for matters listed in the Preliminary Examination Mention (PEM) List.

This procedure applies to adult matters only, not youth justice matters, unless they are being heard alongside other adult files for that Defendant.

Counsel requesting the adjournment are to complete the form, send to the other party to confirm consent, and file with the relevant criminal registry. Applications are to be sent no later than 2.00pm the business day prior to the listing. Any application received after this time will not be considered.

These guidelines and procedure apply to all venues of the Local Court across the Northern Territory.

Parties will be notified via email by the Registry if their application has not been granted and refused by the Judge.  In that case parties will need to attend in Court.

Please note the following:

  • Sexual offence matters under the Sexual Offences (Evidence and Procedure) Act which have reached the 12 week statutory limit must be mentioned in Court.
  • Matters which are longer than 6 months from the first mention must be mentioned in Court, unless adjournment request is for a PEP or PEA.
  • PEPs can be adjourned to any day suitable to Counsel and will be dealt with in the general list, if there is not a designated PEM list day.
  • The responsibility of advising the Defendant of the new date lies with their Counsel.



Criminal Registry contact emails

  • Darwin:  DLC.CriminalRegistry [at] nt.gov.au

  • Katherine:  Katherine.LocalCourt [at] nt.gov.au

  • Tennant Creek:  TCLC.Registry [at] nt.gov.au

  • Alice Springs:  ASLC.CriminalRegistry [at] nt.gov.au

PEM List Days


Every Wednesday at 10AM for custody matters and 2PM for bail matters


First Monday of the DPP week at 10AM as per the calendar

Tennant Creek

Mondays during sitting weeks at 1PM

Alice Springs

Every Thursday