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11 September 2020

Clothing featuring Aboriginal designs will be worn by Local Court staff across the Northern Territory as part of their new uniforms, which are being rolled out in coming days.

The new uniforms are very different to the existing clothing worn by court staff, and include ties and scarves emblazoned with designs by Mavis Nampitjinpa Marks, a Luritja Pintupi artist who lives between Haasts Bluff and Mt Liebig.

In 2017, Ms Marks participated in a screen-printing workshop and at the time she created the design chosen by the NT Local Courts for their uniform, called ‘Women’s Business’.

It depicts women sitting together in sandhills.

Alison Multa, board member of Ikuntji Artists, said she was proud to see the new uniforms, which will be worn in major centres as well as smaller circuit courts across the Northern Terrritory.

“Going in to the court to support family and seeing her design worn by all staff makes us feel proud of our art, our art centre and our culture,” Ms Multa said.

While the scarves and ties in the new uniform include the designs of Ms Marks, the rest of the uniform is black and teal to match the Local Court website and branding.

More information:
Xavier La Canna (Courts and Tribunals public relations officer) 0447  286 342